Sep 12, 2016

Khaled Mashud Pilot Meet with Comilla Victorians Owners Nafisa Kamal

Internal Meeting of Comilla Victorians: The Victorians manager and owners meet in the head office of Comilla Legends Limited. Owners Nafisa Kamal arrange a meeting and Manager Khaled Mashud was present here. They talking about upcoming season of BPL planning and future activities for Comilla Victorians. Last few years Khaled Mashud was the manager of the team and he take important necessary step after the discussion with Nafisa Kamal. In that case Khaled Mashud Pilot Meet with Comilla Victorians Owners Nafisa Kamal.

Comilla Victorians Meeting 2016

Bangladesh Premier League upcoming event all permanent team will keep their team member and all are very busy with their team. Last season champions Comilla Victorians owners Nafisa Kamal also busy for the next BPL 2016. She is so serious cricket and nex BPL. Team manager Khaled Mashud is the very closed person of Nafisa Kamal and Nafisa have full trust with Khaled Masud. For this continuity they are take few major and minor initiative to get next BPL - 04th season trophy as a champion. Comilla Victorians team will star a new hunt for give chance for newbie bowler and this program name is Victorians Bowler Hunt. 20 September, 25 September and 28 September was primary interview and last 2nd october take final selection of Victorians Bowler Hunt. Khaled Mashud and Nafisa Kamal both are present in this final program.

last day Khaled posted a new post on his facebook wall "Meeting with Honorable Chairperson of Comilla Victorians. Powerplay is working with Comilla Victorians." and he is very much sure about their success on their next BPL 2016 Champion.